Bibliography of Economic Loss Doctrine Cases, May 2018.


Limitation of Liability Case Index, May 2018.


A View Five Years from Eastwood and Affiliated FM: Washington’s Transition From Economic Loss Doctrine To Independent Duty Doctrine, November 2015.


Legal Alert, Halcrow Rolls Dice in Nevada Supreme Court and the ELD Wins Big; Legislature Affirms its Support for Alternative Delivery, July 2013.


Legal Update, Washington’s New “Call Before You Dig” Law and Design Professionals, April 2013.


Legal Update, Sales Tax Exposure on Hybrid Agreements for Construction and Consulting Activities, July 2011.


Legal Update, Shifting Sands beneath the Economic Loss Doctrine in Washington, December 2010.


Design Professionals and Underground Utilities, Avoiding Unnecessary Liability Risks, May 2010.


Legal Update, Recovering Economy Brings Shifts in Claims Activity, April 2010.


Legal Update, Defeating Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Design Professionals, Fall 2009.


Legal Update, Spotlight on Stormwater: Anticipating Low Impact Development Requirements in Washington State, Summer 2009, Part Two.


Legal Update, Direct Supervision of Unlicensed Employees: Current Law & 2009 Proposed Rule Changes, Summer 2009.


Legal Update, Indemnity Issues Revisited: Consultant agrees to Defend, Indemnify and Hold Harmless, Spring 2009.


Legal Update, Achieve Your Payday: Collection Strategies for Every Firm, December 2008.


Legal Update, Identifying Risks in Green Building Design, September 2008.


Legal Update, What are the Time Limitations for Bringing a Construction Defect Lawsuit in Washington?, April 2008.


Legal Update, New AIA Standard Form Agreements v. Newly Issued “Consensusdocs”, January 2008.


Legal Update, Increased Emphasis on Procurement Fraud Prosecution, October 2007.


Legal Update, New Structural Engineering Registration Requirements in Washington State, August 2007.


Legal Update, New Design-Build Legislation Passed in Olympia, May 2007.


Legal Newsletter, Design Professionals Not Subject to Liability under Title III of the ADA and Washington’s Law Against Discrimination, Spring 2007.


Legal Newsletter, A Common Enemy Doctrine Update, Spring 2007.


Defining and Allocating “Design Responsibility” in Complex Projects, 2007.


Criminal Enforcement and Regulatory Compliance for Design Professionals, September 2006.


Stamping Requirements for Architects, Engineers and Geologists in Washington State, 2006.


Twelfth Annual Conference on Washington Construction Law, Claims Against Design Professionals, 2005.


Limitation of Liability Clauses: Contracting Issues, 2004.


Legal Newsletter, Washington’s Geologist Licensing Law Takes Full Effect July 1, 2002, Summer 2002.


Eighth Annual Washington Construction Law Seminar, Contracting with the Design Professional Firm, 2001.

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