Attorneys at Law
David Skellenger


The lawyers and staff of Skellenger Bender grieve the loss of their former partner, friend and colleague, David Skellenger. (February 22, 1928 to January 29, 2008)

David joined our law firm as a partner in 1978 after previously serving as of counsel for several years. He was a valued colleague until his well-deserved retirement in 1995 and remained a friend to many of us since. We will miss him.

David was of the generation of attorneys whose lives and values were shaped by the great depression and World War II. David had a great deal to teach us about the daily struggles of many Americans and citizens of the rest of the world just to survive. He encouraged us to recognize the value, contributions and abilities of others, whatever their economic circumstances, race or religious beliefs. Throughout his life, David’s values informed him, and as a friend and mentor, helped inform us.

David taught numerous of our younger attorneys to be forceful advocates for the interests of our clients, while at the same time preserving civility and dignity in all of their dealings with whomever they might encounter. In any dialogue, David reminded us of the respect owed to all people. If a client was in need of service, but could not afford it, David was always willing to offer his services on a pro bono basis. He was very proud of the pro bono and community service interests of our growing cadre of younger attorneys, especially when he saw a willingness to help those who otherwise would not have access to justice in our legal system.

These are important times for all of us to remember the lessons of the great depression and the consequences of global conflict. We will miss our valued colleague who lived and understood these lessons and made these lessons a part of the fabric of our firm.

Thank you, David.

Skellenger Bender, PS